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An Interview with Peter Brooks

DAN HOLLOWAY INTERVIEWS PETER BROOKS DH: Can you explain what synchronicity means to you? The word makes me think of the hippy teacher in ‘Heathers’. And the introduction to the film ‘Magnolia’. PB: I haven... Read Full Post »

A review of The Sea of Straw Read Full Post »

A conversation with Julia Sutton about her book A Sea of Straw

Q. How did you come to write about Salazar’s Portugal? A I was working in my studio on some large abstract paintings, which played with and reflected on the notion of re... Read Full Post »

A Sea of Straw by Julia Sutton

Will a man walk two thousand kilometres for a woman? In 1967, Zé will. Salazar’s Portugal has become a prison for him. 1966: When Jody, young mother and designer from the north of England, arrives on the Lisbon coast, she brings ... Read Full Post »

The Bomb Run (Glenn Haybittle)

The ground crew close the rear door. Freddie seals it shut. Clambers along the dim interior of V Victor. The echo of his passage like an indistinct memory from long ago. It’s another of his rituals to visit every area of the plane... Read Full Post »

Poem for September: It was a hard thing to untie this knot

It was a hard thing to undo this knot. The rainbow shines, but only in the thought Of him that looks. Yet not in that alone, For who makes rainbows by invention? And many standing round a waterfall See one bow each, yet not t... Read Full Post »