Cheyne Walk
Out in October: The Alchemy of Chance by Peter Brooks

‘Spring, 1977: A young blind woman, Aurélie Pêguissoux, sets off alone on the train from Paris to Brittany. Travelling with her braille books, tactile Scrabble kit and cello, Aurélie means to re-visit the landscapes of the summers before she lost her sight and the people who made those childhood holidays special.

As her journey terminates in Dinard, she is unaware of the connections that are about to spark from her lifelong fascinations with postcards, twins and the stars, as others – strangers all – are at the same time journeying towards Newquay, Dinard’s twin-town.

The Alchemy of Chance is a mystery of the heart, a culinary road trip, and a celebration of the beautiful, impossible order that shapes our lives and makes the consequences of even our simplest actions unknowable.’